male and female relations are examined through the gesture of giving flowers.
written, directed & animated by Nofar Schweitzer
 sound design - Tali Ben Itzhak
 produced with the support of the new israeli fund for cinema and television.
official Selection
Haifa international film festival, Israel, 2018
 TAF Thessaloniki Animation Festival, Greece, 2018
 ANIMASIVO, México, 2018 
DC independent film festival, USA, 2019 
Lisbon film rendezvous, Portugal, 2019
 Athens animfest, Greece, 2019 
Athens digital arts festival, Greece, 2019
 Animocje, Poland, 2019 
La Truca, colombia, 2019 
Art All Night - Trenton: 7th Annual Film Festival, USA,  2019 
Durban international film festival, south africa, 2019 
BRUKIVKA International Film Festival, Ukraine, 2019 
MICGénero, Mexico, 2019
 In the palace, Bulgaria, 2019 
Animest, Romania, 2019 
Tzula Film Fest, Bosnia–Herzegovina, 2019 
Down East Flick Fest, USA, 2019
 East x Northeast film festival, USA, 2019 
Animation Volda festival, Norway, 2019
 Bit Bang Fest, Argentina, 2019,
 Proceso de Error, Chile, 2019
 International Usak Winged Seahorse Short Film Festival, Turkey, 2019
 Animateka, Slovenia, 2019 
The Animattikon Project ,Cyprus, 2019 
London International Animation Festival, UK, 2019
 ANNY: Animation Nights New York, USA, 2020
 canlandıranlar, Turkey, 2020 

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